Thursday, 31 March 2011

Maybe next year...

As expected the miracle did not materialise and we were not nominated for the Sony Radio Academy Awards.

But all was not lost, as Dave and myself had an excellent time at the nominations ceremony at One Marylebone last night. A fancy venue with fancy high ceilings and fancy small nibbles on trays.

Sony Award Nominations at 1 Marylebone

We met some really nice people as well, a guy from Insight Radio who was really interested in our podcast, a big group from BFBS, a FunKids Radio producer, a website designer for the awards itself, and the guys and girls from the Tin Can podcast, who were having as much fun as we were!

Words Fail Me at the Sony Nominations

Well done to all those who were nominated, the competition was very strong and I think little podcasts like ours were never really going to get a nomination, but it won't stop us trying again next year!

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