Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Words Fail Me Podcast 7 - July 2010

Another month has passed and it's finally time for July's instalment of the Words Fail Me podcast with Dave and Neil!

This month our page was chosen by none other than Yes legend and keyboard extraordinaire - Rick Wakeman!

Words fail me meet Rick Wakeman

One of the nicest guests we have had, and very adept at picking a round numbered page with some interesting words on.

We discuss the unluckiness of thirteen, we show how little history we know, Neil discovers several things he does not like, and insults Roald Dahls granddaughter and also most of Scotland. Dave regretfully sings at one point.

Available now at Podbean and on itunes.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Words Fail Me Summer special

Dave and myself have been enjoying the sun since the last podcast was recorded, not only has it helped us forget the woeful performance of England (and the Ivory coast, another pound wasted!) in the World Cup, but we also took the opportunity to record a new celebrity dictionary opening for Julys podcast, which will be out in the next few weeks.

For August we are thinking about doing something different, and perhaps recording the podcast on the beach, or at least in a beach hut near the beach. One possible location is Dawlish, which is home to the excellent Dawlish Air Show (http://www.dawlishairshow.co.uk/) each August, this year taking place on the 19th.

Dawlish Air Show

If you are local to the area, or perhaps just on holiday in Devon over that period then do go and take a look, you may even bump into Dave and I!