Thursday, 23 June 2011

Words Fail Me Podcast 18 - June 2011

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Almost up to date again! Our dictionary adventures this month take us into the letter K, with a page chosen by someone who is practically royalty, Lady Elizabeth Anson, a cousin of the queen and party planner extraordinaire. In fact Lady Elizabeth was the very first party planner, long before it was fashionable! She chats to Dave about surprise parties, the most important elements of a gathering and how she got into the business by falling down some stairs.

This particular page of the dictionary sparks discussions about beer, bingo, mango and the Middle East. Dave is convinced that Neil has just lost all the subscribers when he conversationally starts not liking certain things... download here to find out more!


Show Notes...

Pictured above is an example of Kente Cloth from Ghana.

The 4 beloved beers mentioned by Neil were: Otter Ale (Devon), Rebellion Brewery (Marlow), Chiltern Brewery (Near Aylesbury), London Pride (Fullers)
Is a crate on the way?

More about Keno on Wikipedia. Seems like it is bingo with betting.

We sponsor some socks at Wimbledon AFC and a man (Corey Collymore) at Middlesex County Cricket Club.

Michelmores Charity run took place earlier this month, reports can be found here.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Words Fail Me Podcast 17 - May 2011

Finally it is here, May's podcast in June! The Words Fail Me team (er, Me and Dave) have a great episode for you this month though, so it is worth waiting for!

Eliza Carthy
(Eliza with the Words Fail Me Dictionary... while doing her hair pre-show!)

Not only do we have one of the best English folk singers around, Eliza Carthy, opening our dictionary this month, but we also have Dave and Neil's attempts at finding the sound effects set in the new year challenge back in January, download to see how they got on!

Also this month we visit a football match, talk about service stations, there is some Barry Manilow love from Dave and we have a 'session' with a cider from Devon.

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Show Notes...

Words Fail Me are proud Sponsors of Wimbledon AFC, Michelmores Fun Run in Exeter, and now Corey Colleymore of Middlesex County Cricket Club.

Corey Collymore

Eliza Carthy gave us a few of her favourite choices for singers who deserve more recognition, Rory McLeod and Mary Hampton.