Tuesday, 22 June 2010

World Cup Podcast update

As promised by Dave on the last podcast we placed a bet on Ivory Coast. We were hoping we could place a bet on them reaching the semi finals, but it seems this is not allowed (you can bet on almost anything else!) so a bet was placed on them reaching the final.

I don't want to suggest that Dave has wasted a pound of the podcast budget, but I believe they have to beat North Korea about ten-nil on Friday to get through to the next stage!


Anyway we won't let that dampen our spirits as England play tomorrow, and I don't see how we could possibly lose...


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Words Fail Me Podcast 6 - June 2010

The Words Fail Me Podcast celebrates the World Cup this month by interviewing ex England Manager Graham Taylor!

Graham Taylor

Also hear Neil feigning interest in football, why you often see shoes by the side of the road, the many varieties of little people, memories, and Andy's Loo's make a reappearance.

We also mostly dodge the topic of religion, despite God being one of the words on this months page of the dictionary!

Thanks as usual to the Shadow Orchestra for the music.

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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Loose ends from May

Hello podcast listeners!

Our Football World Cup special podcast is being recorded very soon, and will be available to download at the weekend. Which football related person will Dave have found to open the dictionary this month?

There were a few matters arising from the May podcast that we promised we would put on the blog, and in the business of life I forgot, but better late than never!


We discussed London Bridge and promised a picture, here is the Wikipedia page, which must be the only bridge with 2 locations listed! Also note the worlds worst sounding idea for a film at the end of the article.

We promised links to Jo Caulfield, our brilliant dictionary opener, and also the Collings and Herrin podcast after they mentioned us a few weeks ago (warning the content and language in their podcast can only be described as adult!)

So have your ipods at the ready, Junes episode coming soon!