Thursday, 31 March 2011

Maybe next year...

As expected the miracle did not materialise and we were not nominated for the Sony Radio Academy Awards.

But all was not lost, as Dave and myself had an excellent time at the nominations ceremony at One Marylebone last night. A fancy venue with fancy high ceilings and fancy small nibbles on trays.

Sony Award Nominations at 1 Marylebone

We met some really nice people as well, a guy from Insight Radio who was really interested in our podcast, a big group from BFBS, a FunKids Radio producer, a website designer for the awards itself, and the guys and girls from the Tin Can podcast, who were having as much fun as we were!

Words Fail Me at the Sony Nominations

Well done to all those who were nominated, the competition was very strong and I think little podcasts like ours were never really going to get a nomination, but it won't stop us trying again next year!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sony Radio Awards 2011

Sony Radio Awards Logo

As you may of heard on the last podcast Words Fail Me has been invited (along with all other entrants) to the Nomination event in London tomorrow night. I am pleased to say that both Dave and myself will be attending the event, and look forward to meeting other podcasters and radio peoples.

The event is coincidently being held in a function suite that used to be the headquarters of the bookshop I worked for, so have been in there maybe a dozen times before - it is certainly a small world!

You can watch the event online, at from 7pm tomorrow night (Wednesday 30th March 2011), keep an eye out for the under dressed out of place looking people, that will be us!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Words Fail Me Podcast 15 - March 2011

[Download here]

WFM March WFM March

We are back! Dave and Neil are visiting the Victoria & Albert museum in London this month, with special guest dictionary opener Dave Pegg.

Dave Pegg

The 'Daves' talk about Fairport Convention, making music with computers, needing the toilet at gigs and Bob Dylan.

Neil and Dave then discuss the words on the page of the dictionary that Dave Pegg randomly chose, and what an interesting page it turns out to be! Inappropriate topics for conversation include menstruation, the menopause and other embarrassing topics for two men to talk about in the refined surrounding of a museum courtyard!

Dave also has some news about our application for the Sony Awards, as well as an update on our New Year challenges (which Dave barely remembers setting!)

Download or listen at Podbean, or search for "Words Fail Me Podcast" on itunes.

Show Notes...

The excellent and sadly missed Sandy Denny and the box set discussed bu Dave Pegg.

The Samartians, should you need them...

Words Fail Me Podcast proudly sponsor Michelmores Fun Run in Exeter.

And as promised in the podcast...

WFM March WFM March

Flickering Lantern on... and off!

[Download here]

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Words Fail Me updates & The Sky at Night

Almost a month has passed since our last podcast, and we have had a great response to our last few episodes, especially January's episode featuring Robin Ince, which has had an impressive number of downloads.

The Sky at Night

You may have seen that the BBC broadcast the 700th edition of Patrick Moore's The Sky at Night recently. A really great show (at time of writing it is available on the iplayer here). The show features various parts of Patrick's house, which is where Dave recorded his interview with him for Words Fail Me last March, you can still download and listen to the episode here. I think I will ask Dave a little more about what it was like being is Sir Patrick's house in the next episode!

Talking about the next episode we will be recording it this weekend at a location in London. Dave has arranged the guest and I get to pick the location! Any ideas email us at before Sunday!