Sunday, 28 March 2010

Words Fail Me Google map updates

March's podcast has been up for a few weeks now, and we have had over 80 downloads already this month!

As promised we have updated the Google Map again, after a placeless month we now have 2 places in Africa to add, a bit of a shame we did not have much to say about them on the recording, hopefully some more interesting places will come up in April's page (it is going to be a New York special after all!)

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We also mentioned an ogee curve this month, and speculated on what such a curve may look like. Fear not we have tracked down the Ogee for you, and here it is.


Exciting isn't it?

The next podcast will be out in a few weeks, in the meantime please tell your friends, and also join the Facebook group here.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Words Fail Me Podcast 3 - March 2010

words fail me 015
Neil with 3D glasses

Well here it is the latest Words Fail Me podcast.

The third words fail me podcast is now online! This month we discuss seaside towns, 3D films, Dave’s appearances in various forms of media, the Net Book Agreement and sending the podcast to Mars.

Our special guest dictionary opener is Sir Patrick Moore!

Download by clicking the Podbean link above or search for "Words Fail Me Podcast" on itunes.

As discussed in the show if you want to send your name to Mars here is the link

Music provided by the excellent Shadow Orchestra, who you can see in London this Tuesday, the 16th March