Sunday, 18 September 2011

Words Fail Me Podcast 21 - September 2011

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Dave at Lords

This month our dictionary is opened by Middlesex and West Indies cricketer Corey Collymore (who the podcast is Twenty20 kit sponsor for), in the salubrious surroundings of Lords Cricket Ground!

Corey Collymore

Dave chats to him about cricket (obviously!), the best grounds, and the creative impulse.

He chooses a page that is mostly about cream and creation, this spins (see I can do cricket references) the conversation into subjects as diverse as when it's ok to eat a cream tea, conspiracy theories, name calling and atheist sandwiches.

We also cross the famous Abbey Road crossing with the Words Fail Me podcast dictionary, and talk a little about the Beatles.

Words Fail Me at Abbey Road crossing

The original Abbey Road photo can be found here. I think we look cooler though. Thanks to the group of tourists that helped take the picture for us, sorry we nearly got you run over!

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