Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Words Fail Me Podcast 23 - November 2011

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Another month passes and it's that time again, a new episode of the Words Fail Me podcast! Dave and Neil return to Oxford this month to discuss Novembers page of the dictionary.

wfm oxford

This months guest dictionary opener is none other than author and comedian Tony Hawks, the fridgeman himself! Dave chats to Tony about his books being adapted into films, tennis, and the mystery woman...

tony hawks

Neil and Dave then pick up Tony's chosen page and do a few bird impressions, talk about Liverpudlians, and get attacked by Italians on bikes.

Download here at Podbean or search for 'words fail me podcast' on iTunes.

As mentioned in the podcast here is a Little Grebe (with real sound effects!), and thanks to Talk In Colour for the music in this podcast.

Find out more about Round Ireland with a Fridge and Playing the Moldovans at Tennis at www.tony-hawks.com/

[Download Mp3]