Sunday, 22 January 2012

Words Fail Me Podcast 25 - January 2012

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Neil and Dave

It may only been a week since the last podcast went online, but we are back already!

In the first podcast of the New Year we visited the Comedy Pub in London, for no other reason than it was raining, and it looked nice and warm and dry.

Dave sorted a brilliant first guest dictionary opener for this month, none other than the magician Paul Daniels.

Paul Daniels

The interview was recorded just before the painful incident that recently got him in the news. Dave and Paul chat about how to do magic, the Olympics, the joys of being an entertainer and he even teaches Dave a new trick!

We then go on to talk about his chosen page, and the conversation covers topics such as the length of a novel, Super Nova and the concept of Nowhere.


Thanks again to Talk in Colour for the music, and you can find out where you can see Paul Daniels on his website.

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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Words Fail Me Podcast 24 - December 2011

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Words Fail Me Podcast Dec 2011

How late can a podcast be? Well here is your answer, the Words Fail Me Christmas special is released in mid January. Merry Christmas!

It's worth waiting for though, Dave and Neil revisit the British Library cafe and discuss words on a page of the dictionary chosen by Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins is known for being on the Apprentice and famously saying 'no' to Lord Sugar, and also took part in the ITV reality show I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. She chats to Dave about the meaning of celebrity, Christmas and Family.

Dave and Neil also give presents to each other, talk about typewriters and printing, and the most christmassy of all subjects... tyres.

Words Fail Me Podcast Dec 2011

Neil also has a bad joke day.

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Words Fail Me Podcast Dec 2011  Words Fail Me Podcast Dec 2011

Thanks again to Talk in Colour for the music, and to Katie Hopkins for opening our dictionary this month.

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