Sunday, 28 March 2010

Words Fail Me Google map updates

March's podcast has been up for a few weeks now, and we have had over 80 downloads already this month!

As promised we have updated the Google Map again, after a placeless month we now have 2 places in Africa to add, a bit of a shame we did not have much to say about them on the recording, hopefully some more interesting places will come up in April's page (it is going to be a New York special after all!)

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We also mentioned an ogee curve this month, and speculated on what such a curve may look like. Fear not we have tracked down the Ogee for you, and here it is.


Exciting isn't it?

The next podcast will be out in a few weeks, in the meantime please tell your friends, and also join the Facebook group here.

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  1. Another gloriously entertaining [and bewildering! :)] episode; and what a coup getting Sir Patrick Moore.