Monday, 15 November 2010

Words Fail Me Podcast 11 - Nov 2010 (X Factor Special!)

This months podcast takes on a topical theme, it's the Words Fail Me Podcast X-Factor special. In a strange clash of cultures this episode is recorded in the British Library, and features the Voice of the X-Factor, Peter Dickson. Dave chats to Peter about being a voice-over artist, career choices, and how to protect your voice.

Peter Dickson
Voice of the X Factor, Peter Dickson

He chooses a page of "Out" words for Neil and Dave to discuss, which leads Dave to challenge Neil at a coin spinning contest, A bad joke about cheese, and discussions about chess, graffiti in library toilets, and sporting events Dave has been to.

And, if, like Neil you are no fan of the X-Factor then the podcast starts with a short educational stroll around the British Library exhibits.

Words Fail Me
The Large Books mentioned in the Podcast

Words Fail Me
Neil and Dave at the British Library

Words Fail Me
Neil with Dictionary at our recording location in the cafe!

Download now at Podbean, or search for "Words Fail Me Podcast" on itunes.


  1. Great photos, a great location, great fun as always and a wonderful and interesting guest.

    Just a question: it seems the podcast stopped early at 30:45; Dave begins answering Neil's question of athletics at the podcast stops. Is it just me?

  2. Thanks for that, trying to fix that now!