Thursday, 19 August 2010

Photos from the summer special

As promised here are the pictures from our recording of the August Podcast.

Words Fail me 003

Dave on the phone to Sir Tim Rice.

Words Fail me 005

Neil recording the end of the podcast.

Words Fail me 002

As the water got nearer and nearer Dave decided to have a paddle.

Words Fail me 006

Our fishing audience.

Words Fail me 010

Neil and Dave shortly after the recording.

Words Fail me 015

Off home!

Thanks for listening, Look out for Septembers podcast in a few weeks!


  1. As always, exceptionally entertaining: and am I correct in supposing some misfortune befell Dave at the end?

    I'd be interested in how Britons [in general] perceive the seaside/beach? Living in Australia, there is a familiarity and everydaty thought about it [at least for the majority who live near the coast]; is it seen as a getaway or special treat in the UK?

  2. Yes Dave got very wet when a sudden wave came crashing in!

    The seaside is definitely a holiday destination, and for the majority of people not the norm. I guess most of you Australians are crowded around the coast, whereas in the UK we are clustered inland in cities, most of those cities are a good journey from the seaside!