Monday, 25 January 2010

Words Fail Me Podcast 1 - Jan 2010

We are finally there. the first Words Fail Me podcast has been recorded and thrown together and is now available for your downloading pleasure!

Each month we read a page of the dictionary (this time we are lost in the middle of "M") and see what ramblings come from our mouths.

In this first episode Dave reveals he has plans grander than Neil could ever imagine, leading to a surprise celebrity appearance, we extol the virtues of the squarial, the risks of photographing yourself on Abbey Road, we show our mathematical ignorance and both make ill advised attempts at singing.

Podcast available through Podbean (, on the Podbean Page just right click the "Audio MP3" button and "save as" to download.

Thanks this month to Kat and Chris of The Shadow Orchestra for use of the music, find out more at and


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